Steve Madden Flagship retail store design

SCALE UP/ SCALE DOWN:               Steve Madden Retail Design

In today’s dynamic business landscape, flexibility is crucial, retailers need to be able to have a scaled up, scaled down approach that will keep them competitive in an ever-changing world.

In retail design we use our ‘kit of parts’ concept to plug in program in a modular way and we use lessons from neuroscience to educate us on how layout, color and placement stimulate the mind and help customers interact with what they are seeing. 

Each of the Steve Madden stores is designed for a specific NYC neighborhood:  A large 34th Street flag ship for visitors to the city and to introduce the brand, and one as a smaller Upper East Side showroom for women to try on shoes and feel like they are on a runway.

We enhanced the functionality of the spaces regardless of size while, boosting revenue for the brand.  It’s important to empower businesses through a spaces that can transform to meet changing demands.   


Location – 34th Street, New York

Project – Retail Design

Size – 1000 Sq Ft 


PHOTOGRAPHER:  Dana Meilijson

GRAPHIC DESIGN:  by Steve Madden

Steve Madden shoe display, retail store design
Runway effect display in Steve Madden flagship store design, New York City

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