Architecture consulting services in New York City

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Architectural and Interior Design Consulting for: Homeowners, business owners, contractors, real estate brokers and their prospective buyers

Obtain an educated opinion and better focus on investments going forward.

Consulting Examples:

Potential of an apartment or commercial renovation, Questions related to the process of renovation,  layout questions, advice on different products on the market, interior design questions.

Enjoy greater consulting flexibility with limited, focused professional services that represent a small investment of your time and money up front.

    finishes interior design office space in New York City


    Consulting for contractors who are looking to provide a design package, for their prospective client’s renovation project.

    Selection of FF&E that fits the client’s taste and budget, and specifications to ensure that the contractor and their clients are always on the same page.

    Consulting Examples:

    • Advice on fixtures, appliances, finishes, furnishings, window treatments, etc

    • Expression of your clients desires by way function and aesthetic.

    • Respond to any preliminary concerns over special layout.

    • Advice on different/alternate/new products on the market. 

    mid century modern stair interior design Hamptons


    Programing:  Clarify the scope of the work/client’s requirements. 

    Schematic Design: Measured Survey/Develop ‘Existing Conditions’/Develop a Schematic layout for client Discussion and Approval/Coordinate with consultants 

    Design Development:  Development of final project/Select with client all FF&E /Coordinate with consultants 

    Permits:  Management Permits (coop or condo) /City Permits (Department of buildings) 

    Construction Documents:  Develop construction documents for the contractor to bid and DoB for final permits 

    Bidding:  Assist Client in obtaining bids from Contractors/Recommendations on materials and finishes to adjust the projected cost. 

    Construction Administration:  Architect checks progress and quality of the work through site visits, inspections, and shop drawings. 

    Spacious Children's bedroom after combining two apartments in New York City

    Interior Design

    At EXD Architecture, we offer in-house interior design services as part of our expertise. This is beneficial to the clients as they receive an integral approach to the space design including Furniture, finishes, Fixtures and Equipment, selection and procurement as well and others. This additional service will guarantee for a complete and cohesive final product.




    Spacious Children's bedroom after combining two apartments in New York City

    Real estate brokerage 

    Offering both architecture and real estate services complements our skillset, and provides additional value to our clients looking to purchase, sell, rent, and evaluate or renovate a property.

    Purchase and Lease: Conducting property searches to identify clients’ criteria. We provide guidance in the negotiation process, helping clients secure the best possible price and terms. This process can help clients make informed decisions about buying, selling, or leasing properties.


    What can EXD do for you?

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