Architecture consulting services in New York City


Low commitment tool the client can use to clarify some doubts about a space/building or specific issues on a property. 


  • Visiting residence or office for functional tips to use space more efficiently and furniture layout
  • Visiting a jobsite to comment on specific questions
  • Visiting properties with a Client before purchasing
Feasibility service in New York City to help decide if you should invest or develop an architecture project


Low commitment tool that will help a client to determine early on if they should develop or invest in a project.

Analyze the proposed space with the client’s needs and budget

Analyze legal aspects of project

Coordinate with consultants such as expeditors, asbestos inspector, MEP engineer, structural engineer, civil engineer or other, depending on the property. 


Architecture services New York City including schematic design, bidding and permits


Programing:  Clarify the scope of the work/client’s requirements. 

Schematic Design: Measured Survey/Develop ‘Existing Conditions’/Develop a Schematic layout for client Discussion and Approval/Coordinate with consultants 

Design Development:  Development of final project/Select with client all FF&E /Coordinate with consultants 

Permits:  Management Permits (coop or condo) /City Permits (Department of buildings) 

Construction Documents:  Develop construction documents for the contractor to bid and DoB for final permits 

Bidding:  Assist Client in obtaining bids from Contractors/Recommendations on materials and finishes to adjust the projected cost. 

Construction Administration:  Architect checks progress and quality of the work through site visits, inspections, and shop drawings. 

Interior design services New York City

Interior Design

At EXD Architecture, we offer in-house interior design services as part of our expertise. This is beneficial to the clients as they receive an integral approach to the space design including Furniture, finishes, Fixtures and Equipment, selection and procurement as well and others. This additional service will guarantee for a complete and cohesive final product.


Modular systems to maximize space in apartment including bed, office, gym, media and shelving


We develop modular systems for space maximization that can optimize space along a wall or divide space within a room.  This system is not ‘built in’ but instead lightly touches the shell of a space, so If you move, you can take it with you.  If your life changes, swap out modules and install new ones.  If your child grows, move the modules upward as they get taller. 

The integrated design allows for your daily needs for 24 hours, 7 days a week.  The Modules include bed/office/gym/shelving, cabinets/media/bar/kitchen/ etc.  The system can be used for home, work, retail and commercial spaces. 


Zoning consulting, engineering, landscape design services in New York City

Strategic Alliances

At EXD we offer our clients different services to help them complete their projects, in addition to offering architecture and interior design. We have created strategic alliances with a different team of professionals, allowing us to offer services like zoning consulting, engineering, landscape design, art advising and procurement and furniture fabrication, both in New York and Miami. We also have strategic alliances with architecture offices in Madrid, Miami and Portugal allowing us to work across the world. Additionally, we have relationships with multiple product vendors that facilitate the projects execution, see our about page for more information. 

What can EXD do for you?

What can EXD Architecture do for you?

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