We Believe

in designing from inside to outside

regardless of size, space should not be wasted

architecture should change as life changes

Meet the EXD Architects

Victoria Benatar

Victoria is a registered architect in both New York and Venezuela, and co-founder of EXD Architecture.

By combining a multicultural background, expertise in architecture, and interior design, her work focuses on creating multi-purposed customized designs for commercial, hospitality, and residential uses worldwide. For nearly 35 years, she has explored the role of design in our lives…



Michelle Cianfaglione

Michelle is a registered architect in New York and co-founder of EXD Architecture.

Her work in and around New York City focuses on smart, integrated living systems that layer program with an emphasis on studying the 1:1 scale and ergonomics.

Michelle has had her own practice and worked for award-winning architects in Philadelphia and New York City doing high-end residential and commercial work as well as international design competitions.



Our Process

LEARN what the client desires and what their challenges are

DESIGN solutions that allow optimization of space for different activities and flexibility for 24 hour use

INNOVATE by bringing research in products, furniture design, and healthy materials to resolve challenges

IMPROVE how the client lives/works because life starts in your space and extends out to the world

Design for Change

EXD Architecture 24 hour New York Artboard

At EXD, we are inspired by our home, New York City. The city that never sleeps, with its increasing density, layered program, high energy, multiple activities, and cultural diversity,  all combined to create a dynamic urban life.  Like the city, the space you inhabit should reflect your lifestyle. It should be flexible and versatile throughout 24 hours, maximizing the use and improving your experience.



EXD Architecture is a full-service Architecture and Interior Design firm, based in Manhattan, New York City.  We can act as licensed architect, interior designer, or consultant by the hour.

Client Testimonials

5 renovations ! 

 We have worked with EXD on 5 renovations. We moved into an original condition apartment on the Upper West Side 23 years ago. My wife and I hired EXD to renovate our Kitchen and it still looks good now. As our family expanded we hired them again to convert a walk in closet into a nursery, and a few years later we bought our neighbor’s apartment and had them combine the apartments. . .   

– Eric S.


Wonderful experience and value!

I worked with Victoria and Michelle on a space plan for a commercial building that I lease in Soho. EXD Architecture created a beautiful “plug and play” space for us, since most tenants need flexibility at this time. All of the furniture and partitions can be easily moved to accommodate many uses. Throughout the process, EXD was always professional, responsive and on-time. . . 

– Bonnie S.

I feel better already!

My name is Brian and I am one of the partners at beFIT Therapy. We are a one on one physical therapy and personal training studio located in the heart of Times Square. To simply put it, Design matters! EXD received the best compliment when one of our patients came in through the door for the first time and said “I feel better already!” We are in the business of helping individuals feel better. The bright, energetic, clean design of our studio has clearly contributed to the success of our practice for the past nine years. . .

– Brian G.

EXD is very involved every step of the way!

The partners at EXD are consummate professionals, extremely knowledgeable on all areas involved in the renovation, and have an excellent eye for design. We met several times to discuss what I wanted to be done, what my budget would allow being done,  and what my needs were in terms of storage. They presented many options in a range of prices and will take as much time as needed to find the right products for you. . .

– Li G.

Quick Gut Renovation

My wife and I bought an apartment in need of not only a full gut renovation, but we were also looking to take a 2 bedroom and make it into a 3. Michelle and Victoria helped us design a beautiful new space including layout and storage ideas we would have never considered before. On top of that, Michelle and Victoria helped us to quickly navigate the complex red tape of the NYC building bureaucracy, so we could get to work and finish on time. . .

– Ira C.

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What can EXD do for you?

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