Luxury apartment design New York City by EXD Architecture

PRIVATE/ PUBLIC: Shared Luxury Apartment Design

Community spaces allow people to gather, and personal spaces create individual moments to connect to yourself,

when space is shared, a separation of private and public is required. 


Six partners of a company and their families purchased this property as a shared investment to enjoy a fully equipped apartment for all-inclusive living.


Using our ‘Kit of Parts’ approach to change program and the concept of 24-hour in our flexible spaces, was key in understanding how the spaces could be integrated. We designed innovative ways to connect to the city from above and enjoy it as a spectator in both the private and public spaces.   The apartment creates a separation between what’s outside and inside, outside is the world, and inside you are enveloped in your protected, private retreat.


Floor plan for luxury apartment design in New York City

New construction interior



SIZE: – 1850 Sq Ft 



Luxury dining room and kitchen design in Billionaire's row, New York City
Designer living space in New York City by EXD Architecture
Luxury kitchen design on Billionaire's row, New York City
Luxury living design by EXD Architecture, New York City
Light charger luxury living EXD Architecture
Light in living room, interior design by EXD Architecture
Guest room design by EXD Architecture on Billionaire's row, New York City
Luxury master bedroom interior design, New York City
Bath with a view of New York City, design by EXD Architecture
Luxury bathroom interior design New York City

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