Full gut renovation for New York mid century home

Mid Century Property Renovation

Set on a small lot only steps from the Amagansett Dunes, this private cottage appealed to a four-person family from Manhattan, in need of a get away from the city.  When this Mid-Century was built in 1968, it was only intended to be a summer cottage, quite simple on the interior, and did not wear well over time.

The clients asked their neighbor, one of the Co-founders of EXD Architecture, to be their architect in undergoing this project.  The Clients wanted to do a full gut renovation to update and winterize the house, with all the modern amenities, as well as ramp up the volume on the Mid-Century Modern style with specific details, finishes and colors.

One of the challenges was going to be uniting the kitchen, dining, and living room in a ‘layered program’ opened plan, and make sure none of the new construction competed with the ‘mid-century’ look of the angled walls on either side of the house.  Another challenge was providing more storage in the kitchen for the lack of storage in the dining and entry areas.


LOCATION:  Amagansett, New York

PROJECT:  Full Gut renovation

SIZE:  1402 Sq Ft Interior and 352 Sq Ft Deck






Before and after plans for renovation of New York home to maximise space and design


A reading nook designed by EXD Architecture
Materials board for kitchen renovation New York
A reading nook designed by EXD Architecture

Public Space:

The angled walls of this home’s original design decrease the size of the house’s footprint.  EXD Architecture, known for creating more use in small spaces, decided the first course of action would be to define the public and private spaces so that there would be enough room for each family member as well as allow them to gather together.

They paired the kitchen back, to create an eating surface on the new island, and relocated appliances to create a more efficient kitchen triangle for working. Because this house would also be a rental part of the year, a small appliance station was designed to be user-friendly, ready for all accommodations.

The dining area was relocated to be centered with the existing window and feel separate from the kitchen.

A reading nook designed by EXD Architecture
House renovation by EXD Architecture New  York

Private Space:

EXD Architecture worked with the client to define certain niches in this small house for private use. One semi enclosed reading nook under the stair, and one on top of the stair landing allows the clients to put the houses’ inherited book collection on display while allowing the family members to separate into different activities. 

Maximise your living space with design by EXD Architecture
Maximise your living space with design by EXD Architecture

This update had a mix of new and old.  The Mid-Century Modern furniture left by the previous owners was restored by the Clients and situated to provide proper circulation through to the new stair.  The old stair was replaced with a more robust floating stair with overlapping wood treads, paired with a cable suspension railing system and wood handrail to match the flooring. 

All the finishes in the house were replaced, bathroom floors and walls, wood flooring and paint.   This family now gets to enjoy Amagansett all year, has room to entertain guests, and can rent it out when they like. 

A reading nook designed by EXD Architecture
Maximise your living space with design by EXD Architecture
Maximise your living space with design by EXD Architecture
Maximise your living space with design by EXD Architecture

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