Commercial office renovation for befit, New York City

Flexible Office Space NYC


How to provide for different short-term leasing opportunities with clients who want a stress-free, fully furnished build-out, during a pandemic, and after a pandemic?


Provide full ‘build out’ for leasers with a furniture system, for different leasing opportunities throughout the day/evening, week, month, and year, with the ability to change for each use and tenant.

Proposed commercial renovation to create therapy space, NYC


PROJECT – Flexible Office Space

SIZE – 1000 Sq Ft of space

Therapy space, commercial office renovation New York City
  1. Air Quality + Green products

– HVAC will have 2 filters: Hempa particle Filter and Automated Continuous UV-C Air

Treatment System (best for Covid related viruses)

– Plants that absorb carbon and emit oxygen

– All the products in this proposal are rated by LEED or by WELL to be sustainable and safe for indoor air quality.


  1. Covid Safety

– Self Temperature Scans

– Privacy partitions at desks as well as at full height

– 6’ and more distances for users


  1. Changeable Office Furniture System

– Office furniture system that can be used in many different ways, as well as fold up


– Building can make an investment rather than just a one time purchase, in a system that can be used over and over, and relocated anytime.

– Allow building management to make any changes themselves, rather than hiring people to make easy chang­es to office configurations.

– Make an investment, in a system, rather than a one time furniture purchase.


  1. Build Out

– Simple design for Kitchen/Closet/Printing/Storage.

– Green finishes + fixtures that can be repliacted at low cost

Gym design for commercial renovation, New York City
Gym design for commercial renovation, New York City

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