Featured in Homecrux magazine: Finding Women’s Mural in Architecture and Design

From torches of freedom to other publicity stunts, women are still being used as a gimmick in marketing campaigns.

For the truth to not just go up in smoke, it is important for one to truly celebrate femininity and empowerment in the design landscape. One needs to recognize how crucial the role of women could possibly be.

Award-winning architect and interior designer, Victoria Benatar is optimistic about things and informs us, “In 1958, one percent of registered architects were women. By 1988 that number had risen to four percent and to 13.5 percent by 1999. There has been a significant increase in numbers to date and I firmly believe that the share of women in leadership roles in the profession has continued to grow, albeit at a slow rate.”

Serving as the guest professor at Parsons School for Design, New York; Victoria is also one of the female torchbearers when it comes to taking advice on developing flexible furnishings. Her EXD Double Wall Solution garnered a lot of attention on the internet and opened doors for more women designers in the multifunctional furniture space. “Talent does not have a gender. We both man and woman receive the same education and have the same potential to develop fully as a successful professional practitioner,” Victoria states.

Talking about women’s present role in architecture and design, Salone editorial director Annalisa Rosso said, “Times are changing, and nowadays it happens that our attention is drawn, in a negative way, by all-male gatherings. I like the idea that people are starting to notice that somebody is missing – and I think this is just the beginning: we are ready to be more and more inclusive.”

“And if I am especially glad with a generation of brilliant Italian female designers and journalists, and especially proud to work with Maria Porro, the Salone del Mobile Milano’s first female President, I am still waiting for the same wave regarding the biggest architectural firms worldwide.”

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