Martha Stewart magazine feature: 7 Multi-Purpose Room Ideas That Blend Form and Function

From a home office with a gym to a hallway with a desk, these dual spaces will help you take advantage of every square inch.

Entryway and Storage Area

Take a look around your home or apartment and identify any dead, under-utilized space. Chances are, you’ll find plenty in your entryway, says Victoria Benatar, the co-founder of EXD-LAB Architecture PLLC. Maybe you have an oversized vestibule currently housing a rug, a random side table, and a plant. Rather than letting that space go to waste, she recommends turning it into a functional and usable storage area. In this type of oversized entryway, add hooks for coats, incorporate a console with storage, or make a craft station for the kids—what you store here is entirely up to you.

Playroom and Nursery

While sleep experts might advise against having your younger children play and nap in the same room, sometimes, you have no other choice if you’re limited in space. According to Benatar, a thoughtful way to double your nursery’s function (by turning it into a playroom) is to use the Montessori method. This approach focuses on carving out the areas that a child needs to thrive; section the room so there is a place for sleeping, reading, and crafting.

“The goal is to create an integrated space that organizes the child’s activities and items—not overwhelms them,” she says. “The space needs to promote independence and wellbeing and should consider how your child plays, works, and rests. Let that dictate how the flow of a room should be designed and organized.”

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