Developer's Kitchenette Design by EXD Architecture NYC


To be able to Re-Design a whole apartment line in a building allows you to Re-peat the solution for everyone’s benefit rather than only one apartment at a time. The challenge of this project was to create a compact multipurpose space that seamlessly combined living, sleeping, and dining areas while incorporating a full kitchen.

MODI ‘L’ solution involved integrating all these functions with an ‘L’ shaped kit of parts kitchen design that gracefully embraced the walls, incorporating the TV, dining area, and storage closet for 24 hour use.

To infuse a sense of relaxed sophistication, we employed a mix of various wood tones alongside white lacquer kitchen doors, along with simplified painted door and window trims. These thoughtful additions not only enhanced the space’s aesthetics but also contributed to its functionality, fostering a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

Floor plan: before and after layout

Compact kitchenette design for small Upper West side apartment, NYC


LOCATION: Upper West Side, New York

PROJECT: Repeat for Multiple Units in Hotel

SIZE: – 444 Sq Ft





Compact kitchen design for New York City apartment
Compact dining area interior design for New York City apartment

To create a relaxed yet sober environment we mixed different tones of wood, with a white lacquer kitchen door and the new and simplified painted door & window trims. All stainless steel appliances and little round tiles were used to finish this beautiful yet practical new and highly improved kitchen.

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