Restaurant Concept Design Madrid

This project is in the Cantabrian Sea, the coastal sea of the Atlantic Ocean that washes the northern coast of Spain, and the southwest side of the Atlantic coast of France. It extends from the Cape Estaca de Bares in the province of A Coruña, to the mouth of the Adour river, near the city of Bayonne on the coast of the department of Pyrenees Atlantiques in French Basque Country.

A group of investors together with a Michelin star Chef, wanted to recreate his food with the flavor of the Cantabria religion with the intention of transporting guests to this region of Spain.  All the materials and colors were selected to create this journey into the middle of downtown Madrid.


LOCATION: Madrid, Spain

PROJECT:  Restaurant


RENDERER:  David Pinto 

Floor plan: before and after layout

Located in the historical area of Madrid, the Restaurant is at a crossroads between modernity and tradition. EXD Architecture was able to capture this contrast by juxtaposing state of the art culinary appliances and the guest experience against a historical backdrop.

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