Create more living space in small New York apartment using the U Shaped Wall Design solution by EXD Architecture

MODI : U Wall

What is MODI? 

MODI is a wall system that is MODular and can MODify your space as your life changes.  

Problem: To create a space that would comfortably fit 5 people all at the same time, in 400 Square Feet of space for 24 hours use.

Solution:  Prototype 3.0 is the ‘U’ Shaped Wall Design Solution.  The Living space transforms to fit 5 people sleeping.  There is also a small office space that shares the same corner as the media space.  The bathroom and dressing area has been separated by use, so it can be used by up to 5 people at the same time with the necessary privacy.  Storage areas were created to allow for the flexibility needed in places that have multiple uses and users.

Results:  This seemingly small space became a cohesive suite through its capability to transform and adapt to the needs of people who are always in transition.


MODI Prototype 3.0- U Wall

LOCATION: – Central Park South, New York

PROJECT:–  Millwork

SIZE: – 400 Sq Ft Suite


RENDERS: V. Benatar & Pei Chun Liao




Before and after plans to maximise living space in a small New York City apartmentBefore and after plans to maximise living space in a small New York City apartment


Small space optimized with a multifunction wall system for 24 hour use

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