Create more living space in small New York apartment using the U Shaped Wall Design solution by EXD Architecture

PARTS/ WHOLE: MODI U Wall    Together but Separate

Dividing a Whole into smaller Parts is a challenge for a small space that is only 400-square-feet.   This pied-à-terre was going to be used by a family of five individuals at the same time. 

MODI ‘U’ wall solution allows the living area to cleverly morph into sleeping quarters in the evening and a seating area during the day.  Thoughtful partitioning in the bathroom and dressing area allows simultaneous use with privacy intact. Storage solutions enhance flexibility, catering to diverse needs. This seemingly small space became a cohesive suite through its capability to transform and adapt to the needs of people who are always in transition, allowing them to share this space in NYC, by ultimately enhancing their well-being and happiness.



MODI Prototype 3.0- U Wall

LOCATION: – Central Park South, New York

PROJECT:–  Millwork

SIZE: – 400 Sq Ft Suite


RENDERS: V. Benatar & Pei Chun Liao




Before and after plans to maximise living space in a small New York City apartmentBefore and after plans to maximise living space in a small New York City apartment


Small space optimized with a multifunction wall system for 24 hour use

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