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Glad we got your attention! In these uncertain times we understand that our relationship to each other, as well as to our spaces, is especially important. 

We have scheduled the launch of our new website as a response to the issues people are facing at this moment. How can we repurpose existing space? What is the next step for retail? How can our spaces be healthier and more efficient? How can our workspaces be safer and allow for more change? How can our house perform for all the multiple activities required today? With each project, EXD Interior Architects has answers to these questions, for their clients.

Who is EXD?

Our approach is to understand the problem and to develop individual responses for each client. We are interior architects, working from the inside out of the building envelope. EXD studies and assists the urban lifestyle by encourage intelligent and functional living/working in under-utilized residential and commercial spaces, using every available inch, for S, M , and L spaces.

Our inspiration

Based in New York, we believe that the spaces we inhabit should reflect and enable us to live how we want to live, not limit us. Spaces should be flexible and versatile – 24 hours a day – so that we can work, rest, and play how we choose. That inspires us and guides our work.

24 hour functionality interior design

In NYC… and beyond!

EXD NYC Architects study and assist the urban lifestyle by encouraging intelligent and functional living. In New York and most other modern cities, space is extremely limited in many homes, particularly apartments. Our work takes us from city to city, coast to coast, and to different continents. We have teams that allow us to extend our services anywhere.

How can we help you?

We’re “adaptive creative practitioners”. We understand that the new definition of luxury Is EXPERIENCE. At EXD we design for people’s needs and how they change throughout the day, or throughout their life. EXD can provide 24-hour enhanced functionality so that people can do more and feel better in the spaces in which they live, learn and work. Our mission is to help clients to improve the way they live and work because optimizing space adds value not only to the property but the users’ life.

Custom wooden and glass doors doors to the convertible study guest room space

Healthy Environments

At EXD we take pride in being experts in Healthy Materials and having the WELL certification. We bring this sensibility to all our projects as its important to create spaces that will last, enhance our wellbeing and productivity while not destroying our environment.

EXD Team

We are not just professional practitioners; we also teach architecture and interior design. Victoria for 25 years, first at Columbia and then at Parsons the New School for Design and Michelle for 11 years at the New York Institute of Technology and others. Academia keeps us surrounded by changes in the industry, with the latest technologies and innovations in the field of design. It also keeps us in touch with students from all over the world allowing us to understand different cultures and versatile views on design thinking

Throughout our design careers, we’ve sought to make people’s lives better by really listening to the client’s feedback so that multiple solutions can be reached.

Our Mantra…

We believe everyone deserves good design. It affects how we live, work, rest and play.

We believe that space is a catalyst for change. Start inside your space and that will radiate out into the world.

We believe Design matters. It influences how we feel, think, and treat others, which could not be more important than right now.

We love our work and appreciate the difference it can make in people’s lives. Join us in conversation, at Instagram, Facebook and

Blog written by Victoria Benatar and Michelle Cianfaglione, co-founders of EXD Architecture.

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