Limitations & Confidentiality: EXD Collaborations

This is not an offer to provide nor enter into a design-build agreement, which has specific requirements and limitations imposed by Law and applicable regulatory agency. All topics discussed during our time together, and any work product that may result from those discussions, are treated, moreover, as being preliminary and intended to provide you, the contractor, with a firm basis to best advise your client regarding your client’s potential project. EXD Architecture treats such discussions as being strictly confidential. EXD Architecture strives to provide its clients with accurate and unbiased advice based upon the information provided to it by the client. Because EXD Architecture’s role is limited to providing preliminary, conceptual opinions on possible options or development potential for the Client’s proposed space without investing the time and resources, and therefore expense, typically associated with the retention of a design professional, EXD Architecture does not guarantee that the concepts discussed can ultimately be carried out. Similarly, in offering advice regarding different products or materials that might benefit your client’s potential project, EXD Architecture does not warrant that any specific product will perform as advertised by the manufacturer, be available if and when a decision is made by you to obtain same, or that it will be available at any specific price. Any advice regarding pricing is conceptual only and should not be considered a detailed budget. Finally, by using the services offered by EXD Architecture the client acknowledges that EXD Architecture has not been retained to provide a full scope of Architectural or Interior Design consulting or design services, specifically noting that EXD has not offered to, nor will it be, providing construction documents, submissions for DOB approval or permitting, nor construction phase or contract administration services.
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