Single wall design solution to maximise space in New York apartment

MODI : Single Wall

What is MODI? 

MODI is a wall system that is MODular and can MODify your space as your life changes.  

Problem: 650 sq. ft. 1 bedroom apartment needed to be redesigned to allow the new child to take the bedroom, and the parents to live, work, and entertain in the former living room.

Solution:  Prototype 1.0 is the Single Wall Design Solution, designed to optimize space along a wall, 18″ deep, to be used in a single room and provide a bedroom, office, living room, bar, and storage.  It allows for the family’s daily needs for 24 hours in their small apartment.  Fully integrated and changeable, things are made available when they are needed and hidden when they are not.


We used the least amount of square footage to maximize the arrangement of the family’s home, which resulted in less time wasted, performing activities, or looking for things as there is a place for everything.

Our prototype is financially savvy because it allows the living room to do more in a 24-hour span, showing that we only need our bed and night tables for 8 hours of the day, and the other hours of the day we pay for square footage not used.

These pieces were designed to be standard sizes so they could be interchangeable, providing a custom layout per client.   Life is dynamic, and so space should be too.  Our prototype 1.0 introduces a new lifestyle to its users, encouraging wellbeing by design.

MODI Prototype 1.0: Single Wall

LOCATION: – Upper East Side, New York

PROJECT:–  Millwork

SIZE: – 650 Sq Ft






Before and after design plans to create multi use wall solution in New York apartmentBefore and after design plans to create multi use wall solution in New York apartment


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