Apartment combination by EXD Architecture, New York City


In New York City, merging separate living units is more than a mere mathematical addition of spaces; it’s about creating a unified whole that surpasses the sum of its parts, providing both combined and separate spaces.

To accomplish this, we’ve applied our kit of parts strategy, defining three distinct zones within the space: one for parents to work and rest, another for children to sleep and play, and a versatile, subdivided living room designed for round-the-clock use.

 Furthermore, we’ve introduced an open entertainment area that seamlessly connects the kitchen and living room, fostering a harmonious relationship between these spaces. This layered open zone now functions as a multifunctional hub for cooking, dining, entertaining, and relaxation.  The result is a flexible, welcoming living environment that promotes lively family interaction while allowing each family member to have their own tranquil space.


Rehab and redesign

LOCATION: – Upper West Side, New York

PROJECT:– Combination of 2 apartments

SIZE: – 2000 Sq Ft 



STYLIST: Chip Cordelli


Floor plan: before and after layout

Floor plan to combine two apartments, New York City
Convertible study multi use space NYC apartment

We successfully merged the two apartments together to create a cohesive three-bedroom apartment as the client required, to meet their layered lifestyle.  The design strategy included creating different zones for the different programmatic elements. With that in mind and using the existing space morphology, we divided the apartment into three zones of use.  Sleeping & working area for the parents, sleeping and play area for the children, and a large communal open space where everyone can congregate and entertain.

Refurbished theatre chairs, interior design by EXD Architecture, NYC
Dining room after apartment combination, New York City
Kitchen design after apartment combination by EXD Architecture
Childs bedroom by interior designers EXD Architecture
Master bedroom interior design New York City

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